A memorable winter

Following Paris, Boston and New York, in the heart of winter…
Elderly couple in blizzard, Copley square, Boston
Blizzard in Copley square, Boston
Boston Common snow
Boston Common
Boston icicles Beacon street
Icicles on Beacon street

Boston bikes snowed in

Boston saturday morning stroll, snow
Saturday morning stroll
Breakfast at Pour House Boston
Breakfast at Pour House, Boston
New York, a private event at Subculture, concerts at Carnegie Hall, stations, dinosaurs, and more winter…
Subculture New York Mahler Chamber Orchestra
Subculture New York Mahler Chamber Orchestra

Subculture New York concert

Viola Viola Subculture New York
Viola Viola fencing Subculture New York
Diesel fumes New York
Diesel fumes
Standing between the Bronx and 59th street
Somewhere between the Bronx and 59th
Barosaurus, from the inside
In the belly of the beast
Allosaurus, New York natural history museum
Allosaurus , the other lizzard

New York frozen River

New York rear window view, fire escapes, snow falling
Rear Window
Sliding cars, snow fall New York

Grand Central armed security chameleons

The Grand Central hat
Central hat

military presence in Grand central
The illusion of safety
Lucky Chops in New York Metro
MTA Lucky Chops
The blue fence, white tree, graffiti New York upper west side
The blue fence

Tavola 488, New York

Winter building site, New York
New York playmobils

New York Roof Fire exit

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