Venezia, Carnival at dawn

After missing Carnival by a few hours in Treviso, being so close to Venezia, I couldn’t resist a short trip to the Serenissima.

I had only a few hours from dawn, and despite the bleak mid winter light, I wasn’t disappointed.

What seemed like a sleepy winter morning quickly revealed some early birds on the other end of town, at piazza San Marco. Where else?!



Early train in TrevisoDawn at Ponte degli ScalziCampo Santo, VeneziaVenitian Police at breakfastSomeone is upWater delivery, VeneziaUnder protection, VeneziaCanal, Venezia

The first lady, Venezia Carnival
The first lady

First Lady, Venezia Carnival

French Splendour, Venezia Carnival
French splendour
Pulcinella, Venezia Carnival
Peacock couple
Peacock couple
Josepha et ses Mignonnes
Josepha et ses Mignonnes

Mignonne 1, Venezia CarnivalJosepha, Venezia CarnivalMignonne 2, Venezia CarnivalMignonne 2's shoes, Venezia CarnivalJosepha's shoes, Venezia CarnivalMignonne 1's shoesMignonne 1, Venezia CarnivalMister Blue

Ever Swinging, Venezia
Ever rocking

Gold and Blue, Venezia CarnivalThe 4 graces, Venezia CarnivalPink chill, Venezia CarnivalIce blue couple, Venezia CarnivalUnder Ponte dei SospiriAlmost gone, Venezia CarnivalLe rouge et noir , Venezia CarnivalLe rouge et noir, Venezia CarnivalCarabinieri at Florian VeneziaLady and the dog, VeneziaCasanova Mask, Venezia CarnivalNo ripples, VeneziaN.433Train or boat, Venezia



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