Today I am posting a simple photo essay about air travel.

Some days ago I traveled on a new route from Luxembourg to Warsaw, alone this time.

The perfectly clear spring day was promising for the visibility, and a seat by a reasonably clean window immediately got my photographers hopes up. At first, the deafening noise of the tiny aircraft forced me to retreat within, searching for quiet, but soon it was obvious that the comfort would come from the views.

That flight was blessed with stunning cloud formations.


1605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-153
Luxembourg airport
1605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-334
1605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-159
Luxair airline
1605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-163
The wait
1605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-160
1605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-166
1605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-171
Missed turn
1605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-175
1605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-184
The climb
1605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-186
Luxembourg airport is expanding
1605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-190
That small dot, never really alone
1605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-197
1605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-198
1605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-272
Up there

1605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-2571605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-2801605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-2591605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-2831605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-2841605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-2901605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-2521605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-2951605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-3031605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-3071605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-311

1605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-327
Approaching Warsaw
1605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-328
The skyline

1605_Kat_Katowice_Geoffroy Schied-331

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