Chasing the Venetian light

Who can resist a visit to Venezia in the early autumn? Perhaps there is a chance for a less crowded experience? Staying in nearby Vicenza, a short train ride away, the good light and a promise of a last dinner outdoors was all we needed as an excuse!

I have been several times to Venezia, and the magic doesn’t seem to fade…

I. On ground

Tarmac at Venezia airport
Parking position
Venezia airport tarmac, Germanwings
clouds through a window
italian train
Young men in italian train
Laurent and Tristan
Santa Lucia station Venezia
Santa Lucia



II. On water


View from Santa Lucia station Venezia
The promise
Tourist ladies in Venezia
Aurélie and Béatrice
Canal Grande, Venezia
Canal Grande
Strong lady, Venezia
Taxi boat, Venezia
VE 8736
On the Vaporetto, Venezia
On the bus
San Simeone Piccolo, Venezia
San Simeone Piccolo
Les amoureux, Ponte degli scalzi, Venezia
Les amoureux, Ponte degli scalzi
Mooring Poles, Venezia
rush hour on Canal Grande Venezia
Rush hour
Procession of gondolas, Venezia
By the Rialto, Venezia
By the Rialto
Sei Sestieri e Giudecca, gondola in Venezia
Sei Sestieri e Giudecca
Basilica Santa Maria della Salute, Venezia
Basilica Santa Maria della Salute
San Giorgio Maggiore, Venezia
San Giorgio Maggiore
Palazzo Ducale, Venezia
Palazzo Ducale



III. From Gold to Blue


Riva degli Schiavoni, Venezia
Riva degli Schiavoni
Gondolas, Venezia
At rest
Leone, piazza San Marco, Venezia
Campanile, piazza San Marco, Venezia
Aperitivo at Florian's, piazza San Marco, Venezia
Aperitivo at Florian’s

Glass globe, Piazza San Marco, Venezia

Basilica San Marco, Venezia
Basilica San Marco
Piazza San Marco, Venezia
Piazza San Marco, Venezia
Piazza San Marco
Walking with the crowd, Venezia
Hermes shop Venezia
Shop keeper on a break, Venezia
On break

IV. Still

Blue hour II, Venezia
Blue hour I
La Caravella, Venezia
La Caravella
Viola d'Amore, Venezia
I Veneziani, shop window in Venezia
I Veneziani
Blue hour I, Venezia
Blue hour II
Passer by looking at naked display in shop window, Venezia
Blue hour in Venezia
Blue hour III
Campo San Stefano, Venezia
Campo San Stefano
Bar San Vidal, Venezia
Bar San Vidal
Les Voyeurs
Les Voyeurs
Scaffolding in Venezia
Night scene in Venezia
Under Cover
Under Cover
People walking on Venice bridge

Miroir de nuit, Venezia
Miroir de nuit
Night scene, Venezia

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