OTTOBAR, Super+uns


Kärntner Bar goes Fraunhofer goes Ottobar

Inspired by Adolf Loos’ bar of the bars, the American Bar, located in the first district of Vienna, super + uns developed a moveable bar for an exhibition at the Galerie Handwerk in Munich.
Reduced to its two main functions of intimacy – lost man to barkeeper and rendez-vous in candlelight – the bar measures 1,20m x 3,60m with a hight of 3,00 metres.

You enter the gallery and the bar from the Ottostraße through an order of four columns, outshined by the Otto-lightbox. Inside you are expected by the unexpected mirror-and-space effect.
The lightbox including the mirror-space is an installation in itself.

The bar creates an arc, leading the visitor to the changing event behind.

…to be continued…


uns architektur


Uns Munich-1040288



Uns Munich-1040290



Uns Munich-1040289



Uns Munich-1040292



Uns Munich-1040305



Uns Munich-1040294



Uns Munich-1040293






Otto Bar-6522



Otto Bar-6881



Otto Bar-1040303



Otto Bar-1040297



Otto Bar-1040295



Otto Bar-6887



Otto Bar-6885



Otto Bar-6876



Otto Bar-6889



Otto Bar-6870



Otto Bar-6861



Otto Bar-6879



Otto Bar-6862



Otto Bar-6504-Edit



Otto Bar-6894



Otto Bar-6864



Otto Bar-6891

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