A place between heaven and earth

I knew I should have climbed up the Torrazzo earlier!

On most of my last visits to Cremona the cathedral’s bell tower was shrouded in fog, and although it was very dramatic, the view was never going to be worth the 112m climb.

This time was different, beautiful sunshine and clear skies, I would see for miles around. The Torrazzo is the oldest brick tower still standing, and was finished in 1309.

The cathedral itself is a jewel of Roman, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, richly decorated with frescoes.

What inspiration before the evening’s concert in Teatro Ponchielli…




1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060083



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060012



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060136



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060090



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060013



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060130



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060064



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060131



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060009



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060015



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060063



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060014



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060025



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060026



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060037



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060050



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060040



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060039



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060057



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060051



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060046



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060052



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060035



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060059



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060044



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060034



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060061




1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060123



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060098



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060125




1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060121



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060101



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060109



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060112



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060114



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060115



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060107



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060108



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060100



1704_Bud_Cremona_Geoffroy Schied-1060129

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