Backstage blues

Some days feel slower than others. The break between our warm up rehearsal and the concert was longer than usual, due to a pre-concert presentation.

I wandered in the backstage area, bathed in blue light, lost in the underworld, the part that forever stays in the shadow, unseen. There is a certain melancholia to this space, cramped with machines and technical equipment. So close to the stage and yet so quiet.


1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8454



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8411



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8385



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8384



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8390



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8392



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8416



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8450



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8448



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8396



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8421



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8397



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8434



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8391



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8404



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8388



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8414



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8419



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8408



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8431



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8438



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8451



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8449



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8400



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8446



1710_Par_Rosenheim_Geoffroy Schied-8429



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