Across Europe with Yuja Wang

A photographic diary of a journey across Europe with Yuja Wang, 10 concerts in 9 cities, playing Beethoven, Chopin, Stravinsky, Mozart.

Many first times, going to Helsinki or Rosenheim, and, for Yuja Wang, playing and conducting Beethoven piano concerti.

In monochrome, for Yuja.


Paris, Fondation Louis Vuitton


1710_Par_Geoffroy Schied-7803



1710_Par_Geoffroy Schied-8010



1710_Par_Geoffroy Schied-8018



1710_Par_Geoffroy Schied-7836



1710_Par_Geoffroy Schied-7921



1710_Par_Geoffroy Schied-1100307



1710_Par_Geoffroy Schied-1100264



1710_Par_Geoffroy Schied-1100462



1710_Par_Geoffroy Schied-8046



1710_Par_Geoffroy Schied-8055



1710_Par_Geoffroy Schied-1100262



1710_Par_Geoffroy Schied-1100428



1710_Par_Geoffroy Schied-1100431



1710_Par_Geoffroy Schied-1100457



1710_Par_Geoffroy Schied-1100468



1710_Par_Geoffroy Schied-1100432



1710_Par_Geoffroy Schied-1100331



1710_Par_Geoffroy Schied-8066





1710_Par_Helsinki_Geoffroy Schied-1100479



1710_Par_Helsinki_Geoffroy Schied-8132



1710_Par_Helsinki_Geoffroy Schied-1100627



1710_Par_Helsinki_Geoffroy Schied-8091



1710_Par_Helsinki_Geoffroy Schied-1100669-Edit



1710_Par_Helsinki_Geoffroy Schied-8158



1710_Par_Helsinki_Geoffroy Schied-8170



1710_Par_Helsinki_Geoffroy Schied-1100718



1710_Par_Helsinki_Geoffroy Schied-1100724



1710_Par_Helsinki_Geoffroy Schied-1100691




1710_Par_Lyon_Geoffroy Schied-1100845



1710_Par_Lyon_Geoffroy Schied-1100840



1710_Par_Lyon_Geoffroy Schied-1100848



1710_Par_Lyon_Geoffroy Schied-1100858



1710_Par_Lyon_Geoffroy Schied-1100851



1710_Par_Lyon_Geoffroy Schied-1100852



1710_Par_Lyon_Geoffroy Schied-1100862



1710_Par_Lyon_Geoffroy Schied-1100854



1710_Par_Lyon_Geoffroy Schied-1100924



1710_Par_Lyon_Geoffroy Schied-8210




1710_Par_Vaduz_Geoffroy Schied-1100938



1710_Par_Vaduz_Geoffroy Schied-1100957



1710_Par_Vaduz_Geoffroy Schied-8493



1710_Par_Vaduz_Geoffroy Schied-8494



1710_Par_Vaduz_Geoffroy Schied-8525



1710_Par_Vaduz_Geoffroy Schied-8542



1710_Par_Vaduz_Geoffroy Schied-1100996




1710_Par_Munich_Geoffroy Schied-1110013



1710_Par_Munich_Geoffroy Schied-8562



1710_Par_Munich_Geoffroy Schied-8618



1710_Par_Munich_Geoffroy Schied-8626



1710_Par_Munich_Geoffroy Schied-8570




1710_Par_Frankfurt_Geoffroy Schied-8921



1710_Par_Frankfurt_Geoffroy Schied-8870



1710_Par_Frankfurt_Geoffroy Schied-8865



1710_Par_Frankfurt_Geoffroy Schied-8873



1710_Par_Frankfurt_Geoffroy Schied-8901



1710_Par_Frankfurt_Geoffroy Schied-8932



1710_Par_Frankfurt_Geoffroy Schied-8950



1710_Par_Frankfurt_Geoffroy Schied-8924




1710_Par_Eindhoven_Geoffroy Schied-8760



1710_Par_Eindhoven_Geoffroy Schied-8835



1710_Par_Eindhoven_Geoffroy Schied-8822



1710_Par_Eindhoven_Geoffroy Schied-8769



1710_Par_Eindhoven_Geoffroy Schied-8819



1710_Par_Eindhoven_Geoffroy Schied-1110045



1710_Par_Eindhoven_Geoffroy Schied-8645



1710_Par_Eindhoven_Geoffroy Schied-8699



1710_Par_Eindhoven_Geoffroy Schied-8717



1710_Par_Eindhoven_Geoffroy Schied-8695



1710_Par_Eindhoven_Geoffroy Schied-8685



1710_Par_Eindhoven_Geoffroy Schied-8690



1710_Par_Eindhoven_Geoffroy Schied-8676



1710_Par_Eindhoven_Geoffroy Schied-8720



1710_Par_Eindhoven_Geoffroy Schied-8745



1710_Par_Eindhoven_Geoffroy Schied-8749











12 thoughts on “Across Europe with Yuja Wang

  1. WOW! What incredibly beautiful b&w photos!! I especially like the last portrait you took of Yuja Wang in München. Should be her next CD cover. But seriously, they are all REALLY good.

    All best wishes,


    Sent from my iPhone


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  2. merci pour ces belles photos noire et blanc merveilleuse chouette
    j’étais au concert de Yuja à Lyon avec son auditorium un petit peu défraichi mais qui est magnifique sur les photos
    et puis il y a Yuja avec ses “grands éclats” de rire …elle est magnifique et embellit ma vie ..merci

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