After the black tails, I was curious to see how this red dress would play with my new backdrop’s tones…

What do you think?

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Mister Misfits

For a long time I have admired the amazing canvas backdrops used for portraiture, they bring so much warmth and depth…

Of course I toyed with the idea of painting my own backdrops, but there was always a good reason to delay it. The supplies, the technique, the room, the time…!

In the end all I needed was a good partner in crime for this project, my sister, an artist at heart who specializes in painting restoration. She immediately ran with the idea, and before I knew it we were in her workshop with linen canvas, paint and brushes.

A couple of days fun et voilà! I was ready to test in the studio. My favorite model brought tails for the first part of the session, another novelty!

A few details of the making of at the end…

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