Le garage hélicoïdal

On a recent visit to Grenoble, I discovered a hidden Art Deco gem, le Garage Hélicoïdal. It is practically invisible from the street, squeezed between other buildings.

Louis Fumet and Louis Noiray, the local architects designed it in the late 20s, and it was completed in 1932. It originally offered extra services to the drivers, repairs, car-wash, petrol station, and a concierge.

I made my way to the top, discovering an amazing view to the Alps. Those who have garages on the roof surely start their day with a smile, as they drive down the 7 revolutions of the concrete ramp to the street!


1905_Fra_Grenoble_Geoffroy Schied-9655



1905_Fra_Grenoble_Geoffroy Schied-9630



1905_Fra_Grenoble_Geoffroy Schied-9625



1905_Fra_Grenoble_Geoffroy Schied-9689



1905_Fra_Grenoble_Geoffroy Schied-9619



1905_Fra_Grenoble_Geoffroy Schied-9637



1905_Fra_Grenoble_Geoffroy Schied-9608



1905_Fra_Grenoble_Geoffroy Schied-9646



1905_Fra_Grenoble_Geoffroy Schied-9614



1905_Fra_Grenoble_Geoffroy Schied-9607



1905_Fra_Grenoble_Geoffroy Schied-9606



1905_Fra_Grenoble_Geoffroy Schied-9593



1905_Fra_Grenoble_Geoffroy Schied-9590



1905_Fra_Grenoble_Geoffroy Schied-9589



1905_Fra_Grenoble_Geoffroy Schied-9694



1905_Fra_Grenoble_Geoffroy Schied-9692



1905_Fra_Grenoble_Geoffroy Schied-9725



1905_Fra_Grenoble_Geoffroy Schied-9728



1905_Fra_Grenoble_Geoffroy Schied-9729


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